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CBT LegislationAll learner motorcyclists will be required to undergo CBT.

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ATV / Quad Training

Welcome to CBT Group where we provide you with a dedicated ATV skills course on site. If you’d like to get the most enjoyment possible out of your ATV/Quad, you have just arrived at Ireland's only dedicated on-site on/off-road rider training facility. You can sign up today for our ATV/Quad Rider Course. At CBT, we provide a comprehensive task machine & site specific ATV Skills and Loads & Implements Training.

We work with some key accredited associations, such as Teagasc, FAS, TLI, Kerry, The Rehab Group, HSE etc. All candidates are assured to learn the basic techniques for riding all-terrain vehicles including all quad bikes responsibly. Proper accredited instruction and effective practice are essential elements when operating and handling ATV's and quad bikes. Developed by the Borda Foundation, the ATV/Quad Rider skills safety Course provides hands-on training that includes, pre-ride inspection vehicle checks, specialist vehicle controls, rider control of vehicle, various different manufacturer transmissions, riding over various aggregate, and soil types, accents and descents.

There are various course types for ATV/Quads available to you;




Bookings are taken over the phone. Contact Noel: 085 820 5034