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CBT LegislationAll learner motorcyclists will be required to undergo CBT.

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Off Road Training in Ireland

IBT (Initial Basic Training) and IBT DA ( Direct Access ) is not a test and there is no exam, however, as in the UK and other European countries, it is a course of training you are required to complete satisfactorily.

The course module content is provided by the RSA ( Road Safety Authority) The training will comprise of a minimum of 16 hours or 18 hours depending on your age and permit category, to cover both practical and theoretical elements of IBT.

The IBT course syllabus includes 4 - 5 modules, which have to be completed in turn as outlined in the module content on the CBT Group website. You can only move on to the next module when your instructor is satisfied you have retained the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a basic safe competency level or satisfactory level.

From the 6th of December 2010, IBT 1 and January 13  all learner permit motorcyclist holders of (Category A1, A2, A and M) are required to undergo Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) now known as IBT or Initial Basic Training before being allowed to ride on Irish public roads.

The trainee must first successfully complete the theory test in the relevant category. After obtaining the learner permit in the relevant category, then complete the mandatory 16 - 18 hours of training facilitated by a registered ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) at a registered IBT training site. (CBT Group)

Motorcycle IBT 16 hour course programme costs up to €399 at CBT Group. Direct Access.( Jan 15 price)

For further information log onto or call Noel on 085 820 5034