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About Noel Guinan

I would like to express a warm welcome to all new comers to the motorcycling, ATV and quad bike scene here in Ireland. I myself, as an ATV/ Quad bike enthusiast, like many of you, share many years experience with this type of machinery. I still meet a lot of like-minded riders at the many charity run events, discussion group and national events throughout the year. On invite from the Health and Safety Authority ( HSA ) and Teagasc this year, we provided ATV rider skills demonstrations at the Ploughing Championships. Thanks for all your positive feedback.

I myself began my biking career many years ago while involved in agriculture as a teenager, I mainly concentrated my interest in ATV's, quad bikes and off-road vehicles whilst at home. Following on from that, I trained from road novice all the way to Gold rider standard and acquired road legal motorcycles from small cc's all the way up to the larger motorcycles over the years. In my early working career as a farm manager, I also continued to invest time in honing my safety skills through the years being involved in many safety pilot schemes through farmers discussion groups etc.

Becoming more aware of the safety message necessity over the years has been the driving force behind my training direction. From studying safety at UCD to embracing and integrating that ethos at CBT Group at our Cahir site, I believe that I have made a sincere commitment delivering skills training to you my customers, to invest my experience and time in spreading that message throughout the region and to host the only booking only centre of its kind in the south Tipperary / south-east region.

Being still actively involved in the relevant organisations means that I have my finger on the pulse of current affairs that affect the legislative influence, intermediate and advanced riders of ATV's, quad bikes, feed them through CBT Group regularly. I look forward to seeing you down at the CBT Group training centre here in Cahir for some training in the near future. Enjoy our website and be safe out there on your machines. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Noel Guinan
Owner and Head Trainer for the CBT Group