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CBT LegislationAll learner motorcyclists will be required to undergo CBT.

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Professional Associations

Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction


* Raises awareness and provides advice, help, training and information for all road users and the general public
* Provides road safety education resources and guidance
* Provides advice and guidance, practical products and services to help employers manage their occupational road risk
* Supports the work of other professionals and practitioners in road safety
* Supports the development and implementation of national road safety strategies

Leading Observer with IAM


IAM supports the raising of driving and riding standards and campaigns for increased skills. The organisation support and represent motorists, motorcyclists and are developing programmes for cyclists too.

All Terrain Vehicle Instructor

BORDA:British Off Road Driving Association

BORDA represents off-road driving operators. It is a non-commercial, representative body with its own standards for operators, instructors, and off-road tutors. Borda's vision is to ensure that each and every user understands exactly how to safely and effectively operate a specialist off road vehicle in situations beyond that encountered under normal driving/riding situations.

Long standing member of IOPD

IOPD: International Organization of Professional Drivers

The IOPD is a Statutory Authorising Body sometimes termed 'Governing Body' for activities and sports involving any mechanically propelled vehicles.


Twenty years membership with IFA

IFA: Irish Farmers Association

The Irish Farmers Association represents the people behind agriculture through working hard for farmers at local, national, and European level

SHWW Qualifications and interests.

UCD: University College Dublin

Ireland's premier University, a 35 school institution with over 20000 students. This community of learning provides platforms of knowledge and sets the standard for the future in the Health Sciences. With a worldwide community of professionals, Knowledge is a click of a mouse away.