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CBT LegislationAll learner motorcyclists will be required to undergo CBT.

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Are you a complete beginner or have you already had the pleasure of riding a Quad bike or ATV?

Build up your confidence and riding skills in our safe, comfortable and controlled environment before progressing onto the public roads as a better prepared and safer driver.

We have given a clear commitment to a providing a  safer ATV/Quad bike rider skills training environment.

Our customers can concentrate on getting familiar with their machine, or ours, without having to worry about other traffic on today's busy roads.

Our secure training centre compound provides an accredited platform to facilitate safe learning.

When you have built up your skills and are better prepared, we then continue tuition on the public roads all the way up to pre-test standard.

Whether its ATV/Quad bike or motorbike training, skid control or any other specific instructor training solution, we can help you achieve your goal quickly and to the highest standards.

Our mission at the CBT Group is to make you a safe rider for life.