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CBT LegislationAll learner motorcyclists will be required to undergo CBT.

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Initial Off Road ATV & Quad Bike Skills Training is not a test and there is no exam, however, as in the UK and other European countries, it is a course of training you are required to complete satisfactorily. The training will comprise of a minimum of 8 hours to cover both practical and theoretical elements of the sylabus. For direct access to a quad bike skills without a previous knolege or experiance the training must be 16 hours. The IBT course syllabus includes 4(5) modules, which have to be completed in turn as outlined by CBT You can only move on to the next module when your instructor is satisfied you have retained the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a basic safe competency level as set out by the syllabus. The most up to date information would suggest that there are some proposals in front of our legislators currently for review. We await the outcome of same.